Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator will "look great" and "perform great" on Xbox Series S/X

Neumann: "We'll never dumb down the sim but there are some onboarding parts that we can do better."

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a heavy game to run even for the most powerful of computers. And these are usually really expensive. So how will a €499 / £449 Xbox Series X be able to run this beast when it is released sometime during the summer?

According to the head of the game, Jorg Neumann, there's no need to worry. In an interview with Twinfinite, he promises that it will "look great" and also "perform great":

"Depending on which Xbox you bought, it'll just be like having PCs with different video cards, but you can make adjustments. It'll look great. It'll perform great and it's also cross-play which is nice, so you can play on Xbox and with your cloud saves you can move on to PC and keep playing."

When asked about how it will be to run the game from a simple controller compared to keyboard and mouse, Neumann says they are not going to make it a lesser version:

"We'll never dumb down the sim but there are some onboarding parts that we can do better. We look at the tutorials quite a bit. So many people play them and they're quite accessible, but we can probably do a better job there to make it even less scary for a newcomer, give them bite-sized things to really learn."

Are you planning on playing Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series S/X this summer?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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