Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt gets new E3 teaser

This ambitious ghost hunting title is currently in alpha, although there's no announced release date as yet.

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Hide and seek never looked this good, or indeed this scary. Midnight Ghost Hunt is an upcoming title from indie developer Vaulted Sky Games and it looks to pit spirit hunters against err... furniture?

The quirky trailer started off on a serious note, following a band of hunters as they explore a creepy looking mansion to exterminate any spirits. Halfway through, though, the trailer turns slightly less ominous, with the music cranking along to possessed dining chairs and sentient potted plants.

Midnight Ghost Hunter looks rather clever. The general premise is a PvP environment where the hunters' task is to find and extinguish all ghostly spirits before the clock strikes midnight. If they fail, these spirits come to life at night and have the opportunity to fight back.

The game enters alpha testing this summer, with sign-ups available at the game's website.

Will you be playing this one with friends?

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