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Mike Laidlaw joins Ubisoft Quebec

The former Bioware developer is on a secret project.

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Mike Laidlaw - former writer, designer, and creative director at Bioware - has been doing a lot of consultant work since he left Bioware, after more than 14 years working for the company.

He was most recently working on the time-travelling RPG Waylanders, which has successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign, but has now left the project in the very capable hands of Emily Grace Buck from Telltale games. This was in order to move to Quebec City, where he will be working for Ubisoft.

"I always knew I'd go back to triple-A at some point, once I found the right team and project.
Spoiler: I did at Ubisoft Quebec and I'm so damn excited to finally talk about it," he wrote on Twitter today.

"Alas, I can't discuss exactly what I'm doing, but I will say it's exciting enough to make me move half way across the continent," he adds in a blog post on his LinkedIn profile.

It will be very interesting to see what project he is working on. What do you hope it is?

Mike Laidlaw joins Ubisoft Quebec

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