Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons receives hefty patch

Mojang Studios' latest title, the action RPG Minecraft Dungeons, has received a patch to solve some problems.

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We really enjoyed Minecraft Dungeons, but there's no denying it had its fair share of bugs at launch that hampered the fun factor to some extent (and even forced us to restart the game one time). But now this is hopefully a thing of the past.

Mojang Studios has now updated the game with a fairly massive patch of 2GB. On the official Reddit page for the game, Mojang just wrote:

" went out on Xbox One today and addresses some stability issues :)"

We expect the same update to be released for the other formats sooner, rather than later as well. The update mainly has bug fixes and helps overall performance, so there is no new content. If you would like to read our opinions on the game, you can read our review here.

Minecraft Dungeons

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