Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons takes top spot from Animal Crossing

The newly released RPG Minecraft Dungeons has knocked Animal Crossing: New Horizons down to second place in the Switch sales race in the US.

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Ever since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released almost three months ago it has topped the sales chart on the Nintendo Eshop. But not anymore. Since last week, there's a new gun in town. So what is this behemoth that could topple the avalanche that is New Horizons?

The answer is Minecraft Dungeons which perhaps isn't all that surprising considering the fact that it is both a good game and has the word Minecraft in the title.

Still, we don't know how much of a success Minecraft Dungeons will bring in the end, and we wouldn't rule out New Horizons making a comeback on top later. But regardless, we assume those two games will dominate the Switch charts for quite some time.

It's worth pointing out, that the analyst Benji Sales on Twitter also adds that "As we are seeing on Xbox, Minecraft Dungeons is performing very strong", and we assume it is not doing too shabby for PC and Playstation 4 either.

Minecraft Dungeons

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