Mineral and EISSFELDT part ways with LG Loyal

The team's recent form was to blame.

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Overwatch players Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis and Arthur "EISSFELDT" Marx have parted ways with Luminosity team LG Loyal, and Mineral explained more about the departure and the reasons behind it via TwitLonger.

"First of all, I'd like to preface this by thanking Luminosity Gaming and LG owner Steve for all the opportunities," Mineral started. "After a lot of work, my dream of being a professional gamer finally came to fruition last summer, and it was a joy to represent the organisation online and at the LAN events we managed to qualify for."

"There have been a lot of questions regarding my departure from the team, so I'd like to quickly address that as well. It was evident to everyone that we were in a lengthy slump, despite qualifying and finishing third in the Overwatch Winter Premiere," he explained. "Unfortunately, despite having sufficient talent, we simply couldn't gel in game. Issues weren't being resolved, and any time a professional team with as much talent starts regressing heavily, it's only reasonable to explore changes in an attempt to salvage the situation. No one was happy, and the unanimous consensus within the team was that changes had to be made, one way or another. There's no hard feelings, as I completely understand the decisions and genuinely believe all parties involved, myself included, will be better off for it. I consider all my former teammates friends who I enjoyed working with, and I wish them and LG the best of luck moving forward. They certainly have the talent to excel."

He also said that he doesn't know where his own future will take him, but he's definitely going to be an "active member of the community" for Overwatch" and that he's open to all ideas in terms of playing, and even coaching, which is something he's "considered exploring, especially since I've received overwhelming support from respected players who I've briefly coached or played with before. I know I have a knack for the job and can bring plenty in the analytical department, and I do believe the scene could use more experienced and competent support staff."

"I'm also very keen to be involved in content creation and/or broadcast production. As a journalism graduate with over four years of experience in the field, paired with my high-level knowledge of the game, I'd love to contribute in any media department. At my core, I still identify myself as a journalist, and I feel there is still plenty of unexplored terrain within content creation as it pertains to Overwatch."

The Luminosity Gaming replied to this TwitLonger post with their own tweet thanking him for his hard work. Do you think their departure was necessary for the good of the team?

Photo: Vytis Lasaitis

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