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MMA fighter Aaron Pico partners with World of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming.net seems to always have a fun connection with celebrities of every kind and recently they announced a partnership with the MMA brawler.

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American MMA featherweight Aaron Pico recently announced his partnership with Wargaming.net game franchise World of Tanks ahead of his fight against fellow American, Henry Corrales at Bellator 214, where he'll be sporting World of Tanks Blitz branded shorts. The now-ambassador of the popular mobile MMO explained that the partnership made sense since he has family ties to the military.

"My great grandpa was a tanker. So once the World of Tanks Blitz guys reached out to me, I was curious about the game," said Aaron Pico in a quote from the press release. "I played some battles and since then, it's got me hooked! It's a fun game which isn't just about sheer power, but a well-thought-out strategy. Just like in MMA, simply hitting your opponent may just be a waste of your energy. You need to pick the right moments, know his weak spots, take the chance and enjoy the victory."

Thaine Lyman, General Manager at Wargaming Mobile added some thoughts regarding why the team thought Pico was the perfect fit: "Aaron is a young, driven competitor who blends his skill and smarts to win. He truly is unbreakable, and perfectly fits the World of Tanks Blitz player profile. We immediately became fans of his style, his spirit, and how he carries himself in the cage. When we then heard him speak about how he approaches his craft, we knew that he was the perfect fit for our game."

What do you think of this partnership?

World of Tanks Blitz

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