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StoneAge World

Mobile MMO StoneAge World to release in two weeks

Fans of MMORPGs can now look forward to the mobile title StoneAge World that'll release later in June.

Netmarble has just announced that its prehistoric themed mobile MMORPG StoneAge World will release on iOS and Android on June 18, and you can preload it a day before. It's an open-world turn-based RPG where you can collect animals and dinosaurs as pets and train them for battle (there are more than 250 of them).

Your main job here is to protect the world of Tectonika from some unknown machine entities that are threatening the land. For players who have pre-registered via the official website, 1.000.000 Stones, the main in-game currency, awaits while App Store and Google Play pre-registrants will received 50.000 Shells (premium in-game currency).

For more information, you can go to its official website here. What do you think of this cute monster collecting MMORPG?

StoneAge World

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