Picomy has crafted a mobile puzzle-platformer that's as unique as it is charming.

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We're big fans of crazy game concepts. At least when it's crazy in all the right ways, where the game is unique without being too complicated or overly difficult for the sake of being wacky. For example, we loved titles like Katamari Damacy, Parappa the Rapper, Gitaroo Man, Nights: Into Dreams, Loco Roco, Rolando and other similarly unique games. Now we've had a look at Apple Arcade title Monomals and we think it definitely fits in with the aforementioned lineup of games.

Monomals is a mixed bag of elements and the game is, as a whole, incredibly charming and unique, so much so that you can't do much other than applaud its developer, Picomy. There's a competition in the world of Monomals in which the best DJ in the world is to be crowned. Is DJ Rabbit the best disc-turner or is Techno Tiger the "worlds best MC"? Funky Frog states that his sick beats own the scene.

Your role in all of this is to serve the DJ you choose to work with. Your mission is to find Monomals for your DJ to let him assemble the slickest beats in the universe and thus, win the competition. These Monomals are light green, square blocks adorned with giant mouths and they're essentially the most integral building blocks in the foundation of the music your DJ will create. All of the Monomals reside at the bottom of the ocean and it's here that your mission will unfold. When the game starts, the DJ you've chosen to work with casts his line into the deep blue sea and it's the hook (shaped like a microphone) that you will be controlling.


The levels in the game feel like a mix between the underwater levels in Sonic the Hedgehog and the puzzles in Rolando 2. You steer the line with your left thumb and attack by accelerating into other objects through the press of a button on the right side of the screen. It's really very simple, just like the premise of the adventure. The first level acts as a tutorial of sorts and before you know it, you've gathered the information needed to take the game's various enemies down, move items around and swing the mic and the line holding it up out of the water and onto dry land. It sounds pretty wacky - and it most definitely is - but it's all so effortlessly entertaining that it makes you feel at home in the world of Monomals right away.

After completing the level, you'll step into the shoes of either Retro Rabbit, Techno Tiger or Funky Frog (depending on who you've chosen when starting the game up) and use the Monomals and compose a song. This aspect of a game is a full-fledged music game and you'll be able to create whatever you want musically, and it gives you a nice little break from the main platforming and puzzle sequences. The better the songs you create, the bigger the crowd your DJ lures to their shows, which in turn grants them a better score. You can also listen to your own tunes when jumping into the next level.

Monomals is fun, a lot of fun, in fact. It's charming, unique, silly and addictive in a way that very few Apple Arcade games have been so far. The mobile gaming world needs more of this and we think that you need some Monomals in your life.

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8 / 10
Wonderful concept, the music stands tall as the game's main focus, great design, wonderful visuals, fantastic game mechanics
Some bland bosses, a bit too easy.
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REVIEW. Written by Petter Hegevall

"It's charming, unique, silly and addictive in a way that very few Apple Arcade games have been so far."

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