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Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise hunts down PC gamers in mid-January

Information on outstanding collab quests and the upcoming expansion was also shared.

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Monster Hunter Rise will be released on PC on January 12th, the developer, Capcom just revealed. Announced during their Tokyo Game Show broadcast, the PC version will have 4K resolution, "high-resolution textures" and a "higher" frame rate and will support widescreen monitors. Of course you can play with the mouse and keyboard and voice chat should also be built in. More information should become available later in the day. A Steam demo appears to be available as early as October 13th.

We also learned that the fifth collaboration quest will be about Ghosts' n Goblins Resurrection . After completing the event quest you will get the costume of the knight Arthur and apparently also unlock a cute surprise for your Palico. The update should be available on October 29th, just in time for Halloween. In addition, Capcom and Sega are starting a joint project later this year that is somehow related to Sonic the Hedgehog, but we didn't get any other information on that.

There was also new information about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The evil dragon that we recently saw in the first teaser is called Malzeno and it is an elder dragon. Capcom confirms that in this DLC, players will be traveling to a new area where they will be building a base of operations. You can only access the content after the main game has been completed. The master rank will return with Sunrise, as will "several" monsters from the previous offshoots of the series. Shogun Ceanataur (known from Monster Hunter 2) has already been confirmed.

Monster Hunter RiseMonster Hunter Rise

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