Moonlighter's DLC is "like Moonlighter 2.0"

The Between Dimensions DLC is coming to those who have finished the game, putting a twist on mechanics we've already seen.

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Today we reported that Moonlighter was celebrating 500,000 sales with a discount on PC and Switch, and when we spoke to 11 Bit Studios' senior marketing manager Karol Zajaczkowski at GDC (Game Developer Conference) we looked ahead to the future, and what's coming with the Between Dimensions DLC.

"We feel that we have some really good mechanics in the base game, but we can always work on it and make something bigger, so we can expect the weapon system is new here, you're gonna get some new items," he explained.

"Also the store itself will change. I mean, the whole city that you had will implement new stores, new shop mechanics, so you can think about it like Moonlighter 2.0, so all the basics are there in the DLC but we manage to build on top of that much more new stuff."

"The DLC is dedicated mostly to players that have spent 20, 30, 40 hours in the main game, and they would like to keep the same mechanics, have the same type of fun, but they look for new content."

Are you ready for Moonlighter's DLC?


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