Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

More Capcom ports expected on Switch

Japanese publisher commits to Nintendo's hybrid console.

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Given the success of Nintendo Switch, not just as a platform on which to play Nintendo games, but also in terms of sales for indie and third-party titles (at least some of them), it's hardly surprising to see interest in the platform on the rise.

Capcom, who recently announced Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Switch (as well as other platforms), are the latest publisher to promise more games in the future.

In a tweet post by the CEO of Kantan Games (an industry consultancy firm), Dr. Serkan Toto, we learn that Capcom CEO, Kenzo Tsujimoto, gave an interview to The Nikkei in which he expressed his desire to strengthen the link between the two companies by bringing more titles in the Switch's lineup.

"He says the home + portable console concept works better than expected and that Capcom wants to port games to the Switch that were not available on Nintendo consoles previously."

Capcom has been on a rampage of re-release and remaster announcements recently, and perhaps we can also expect to see the Devil May Cry compilation on Switch in the future? Dead Rising? Resident Evil 7?

What Capcom games, previously not on Nintendo platforms, would you like to see on Switch?

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

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