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Morte: "we can return to the global top"

Ex-Reunited players have expressed desire to move away from Europe.

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Earlier this week we reported that Reunited are no more, and that their Overwatch team are looking for new grounds. While a recent AMA on Reddit cleared some questions up, there's one question that remains: Where will the Overwatch team go next?

Well, some of the players have spoken about that very topic, and it seems like a move away from Europe might well be on the cards, as they'd like more matches. ""Reunited had only four official matches in almost four months now," Andrei "uNFixed" Leonov said. "It's been a month since we came back from Korea and we still have nothing [planned.]"

"We are willing—and even prefer—moving overseas," Thomas "Morte" Kerbusch added. "It's no secret that the majority of teams, tournaments, and support for Overwatch are all currently North America-based [...] we are finally free to explore."

Morte also said that he doesn't doubt the team can return to the top of the Overwatch scene again. "With the lineup changes, we are confident we can return to the global top very soon again," he said.

Where would you like to see the team go?

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