Moth leaves the San Francisco Shock

The two-time Overwatch League Champion will be taking his talents elsewhere.

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Grant "Moth" Espe has departed from the San Francisco Shock Overwatch League team, following two and a half years, three seasons, and two back-to-back championships with the franchise.

It's hard to say right now if he will have more success in this new environment, as since joining the Shock, Moth has only ever finished lower than second place twice over his tenure at the team: and one of those cases was the Overwatch League World Cup. The Shock with Moth on the line-up have been nothing less than absurdly dominant in the Overwatch League for the past two seasons, to the point where it wouldn't be strange to select the Shock as favourites for the 2021 OWL season.

Moth, will be heading down the coast to the Los Angeles Gladiators, where he will play main support for the team. He has commented on the new career direction in a tweet stating; "So excited to play with my new teammates, can't wait to start scrimming. Really want this off-season to end fast so I can meet everyone and get started."

What are your thoughts on Moth's new team?

Photo: LA Gladiators

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