Moving Out

Moving Out developer SMG Studio teases new content for 2021

The addictive party game is set to expand early next year.

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SMG Studio's Moving Out ended being one of our favourite indie surprises of the year. Much like Overcooked, it had us screaming at our friends and family, as we desperately tried to complete objectives together in a set time limit. It's a fun game, that's for sure, and we were pleased to see over the weekend that the studio had teased some upcoming content.

On the game's official Twitter, the studio posted: "Since we launched Moving Out on April 28, our team has continued development for new content and to expand the game in interesting ways. The results of that work are coming together nicely but we're not ready to share yet. All will be revealed in early 2021."

All we can do at this point is speculate as to what might be added, but we do have a wishlist. We would love for online coop to be added or some themed DLC to take us to strange locations. Moving house in an old gothic castle, for example, would be pretty fun.

Moving Out

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