Moving Out

Moving Out's new DLC is taking us to paradise later this month

February 25 is the exact date.

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Moving Out is a quirky but interesting party game that offers a variety of unique characters and crazy, intense gameplay, sort of similar to Overcooked. We actually quite like this game and the mayhem it brings, you can check our thoughts about the base game just right here. Now, if you happen to be a fan of this title just like us, then you might be pleased to hear this.

Publisher Team17 and developers SMG Studio & Devm Games have announced that they are releasing the DLC "Movers in Paradise" on February 25. According to what we saw in the trailer, it seems like we will be working on a beautiful tropical island. Also, we were told that the DLC will bring 14 new story levels, four new movers and 10 new arcade levels. Sounds good, right?

Check the new trailer below:

Moving Out

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