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Final Fantasy XVI

Naoki Yoshida is not working on Final Fantasy XVI

Naoki Yoshida has shut the rumour mill down, confirming that he's not working on Final Fantasy XVI.

There have been plenty of rumours going around lately, claiming that it is Naoki Yoshida who will produce Final Fantasy XVI. He is most famous as the saviour of Final Fantasy XIV, which had a catastrophic launch, and was scrapped and rebooted as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yoshida's work was so good that it became a huge success instead, that last year passed 18 milion players.

Yoshida has heard the rumors about himself and Final Fantasy XVI, but he does not like them. And in an interview with Livedoor, he explains that they are wrong, and that is sticking to working on A Realm Reborn for a few more years. We still have no clue when Final Fantasy XVI will be released or what it will be about, and the lack of rumors makes us think there might still be quite the way to go for the development team.

Final Fantasy XVI

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