Nate Fox sums up five years of PS4 as "robot dinosaurs"

Big names reflect on PlayStation 4 reveal in 2013.

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"Everyone participating was so passionate about making games. In the years since then, we've all got to play some magnificent stuff made possible by the new hardware. For me it's all best summed up in the two words - robot dinosaurs."

This is how Sucker Punch studio head Nate Fox defines the five years that have passed since the global presentation of the PS4. Their game Infamous: Second Son was one of the very first exclusive hits for the platform all the way back then, and now they're working on the brand-new Ghost of Tsushima.

The quote has been shared on the PlayStation Blog together with the thoughts of some other well-known developers, as a way to commemorate the date. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, for example, recalls it was "exciting" to work with a "powerful new machine" back then, as they were readying Street Fighter V as an exclusive to Sony's console. Hardware architect Mark Cerny, however, admits he "had really no idea what the reaction would be," even though he'd had another five years working on the system prior to that day.

But there's also a mention to the indie scene, as it's been more and more important to both consoles and PCs in the last five years. Jonathan Blow was still finishing their masterpiece The Witness, and he remembers "we worked crazily" to put together a trailer that could be shown next to the other triple-A projects.

How do you remember the PS4 global reveal?

Nate Fox sums up five years of PS4 as "robot dinosaurs"

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