Halo Infinite

Naughty Dog and Insomniac veteran hired by 343 Industries

Few have as an illustrious career as this that in the industry.

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"Halo has been a big part of my childhood and I am happy to be apart of such a great studio!"

These words comes from James Guard's LinkedIn profile, as he started at the Halo studio 343 Industries recently. Developers are of course switching employers all the time, but not everyone can brag about a career at first Naughty Dog and after that Insomniac as Sr. lighting artist.

Now he has been hired to work with 343 Industries, probably on the somewhat troubled Halo Infinite that was supposed to launch on November 10, but was ultimately delayed until an undisclosed date next year. The lightning was one of the things people rightfully complained about when gameplay was revealed back in July, and hopefully Guard's competence is something that can make it stand out in the end.

Halo Infinite

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