The Last of Us: Part II

Naughty Dog is hiring for its "next-gen graphics" PS5 project

It'll come as a surprise to precisely no-one, but the studio's next game will be another narrative-driven experience.

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With The Last of Us: Part II finally out on PS4 and collecting both critical acclaim and impressive sales, and with the future of the series shrouded in mystery this soon after the release (will there be a sequel or DLC? What happened to the multiplayer experience? When will the inevitable PS5 port be announced?), Naughty Dog is naturally looking to expand in order to produce its next ambitious project, which obviously given the timing is aimed at the next generation, which starts for Sony later this year.

The Santa Monica-based studio has posted a bunch of job opportunities on its official website, including openings for positions such as Tools Programmer, Level/Environment Designer, or Melee/Gameplay Animator. As expected from the studio, the job descriptions mention aspects such "single player game" or "compelling gameplay", but it's the "next generation graphics analysis" role that makes it all the more obvious, if it wasn't clear, that Naughty Dog's next game will take advantage of Sony's new hardware. The programmers will liaise with "our sister technology groups" to make the most of the upcoming PS5 console.

How do you imagine a next-gen Naughty Dog game will play and look on PS5? How do you expect The Last of Us to evolve from here?

The Last of Us: Part II

Via, Gamesradar.

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