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NBA 2K18

NBA 2K League expands with four new teams

Next year we'll see 21 teams fight for supremacy.

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The NBA 2K League has just concluded its regular season, with the awards ceremony giving One Wild Walnut the title of MVP, but already the NBA website has been looking ahead to the next season, revealing that affiliations of four NBA teams will join the competition for the second season, these being Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers, and Minnesota Timberwolves, pushing the number of teams to 21.

We don't know many details other than that, but with 102 NBA 2K players in the league as it stands, this number should increase a lot with these additions, and perhaps we'll see some tweaks to structure as well.

"Welcoming these four world-class organizations and their passionate fanbases to the NBA 2K League is an exciting moment not only for the league, but for the entire 2K community," said NBA 2K League Managing Director Brendan Donohue. "From their innovative spirit to their global reach, we know each of these teams will be a tremendous addition, and we are thrilled that this growth offers the opportunity for new players, coaches and support staff to join the league."

If you need reminding, the playoffs for this season start Saturday at 01:00 BST (tomorrow evening if you're in the US) and you can watch the matches on Twitch, so we still have yet to see who will win the whole thing for this season.

Are you glad to see more teams joining the league?

NBA 2K18
Photo: NBA 2K League

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