NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 criticised for banning those using auction house

Some for selling things cheaply, others for "sniping".

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If you've ever bought things from eBay and similar sites, you're surely aware of "sniping", which means adding a higher bid in the final seconds to get the stuff you want. 2K Games has an auction house in NBA 2K19 for the game's trading cards, but they don't seem to appreciate the ways people are using it, which has led to permanent bans that seem to be very dubious.

That has led to complaints on Reddit and ResetEra with people complaining that they've gotten unfairly banned without any reasonable explanation why. Some seem to be related to sniping and some for selling stuff way too cheap (perhaps because they're tired of playing the game and just want to get rid of their stuff).

It seems that 2K Games wants pretty fixed prices for the auction house rather than people paying what they think stuff is worth, which as has been pointed out contradicts the point of even having an auction house.

Have you been banned like this before?

NBA 2K19

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