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NBA 2K20 directly affected by success of recent docu-series

Matches played as Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls increased significantly following the release and success of docu-series The Last Dance.

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After the great success of Netflix's doc-series The Last Dance, it seems that this has led to surprising effects also in NBA 2K20. As announced today by 2K Games, in fact, starting from April 19 (the day when the docu-series was published on the OTT platform), the matches played with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls increased by 131%.

Here is the list of the 6 Jordan's Bulls teams you can find in the game:

• 1985-86
• 1988-89
• 1990-91
• 1992-93
• 1995-96
• 1997-98

If you don't know The Last Dance, the series tells the story of the 1997-1998 season of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan's last championship with the Illinois franchise, through partially unpublished images of an NBA Entertainment film crew which had the chance to follow all the Bulls' activities over the whole tournament.

NBA 2K20

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