Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

New all-German team Big formed

Some familiar faces are in the new team.

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An announcement on Facebook on Monday revealed that a new CS:GO team called Big has been formed, comprising of Kevin 'keev' Bartholomäus, Nikola "legija" Ninic, Johannes 'nex' Maget, Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz, and Fatih 'gob b' Dayik.

Here is what gob b had to say on the move (translated via Facebook): "After our one-year stay at NRG in America Johannes (Tabsen), Niko (Legija), and I go back to our dream of a common German team implemented. [This was the goal] for us from the beginning, there is no other possible constellation, which is why we have Joe (nex) Mousesports and Kevin (keev) [too]. At this point, I also thank you to both organisations for a fair offer and good communication. For more information, we will [provide some] in the coming weeks. Even though we've only been practicing today for us [the priority is the] DH Las Vegas qualifier against mousesports. Now we leave it all on us and put our priority on the games."

With gob b, Tabsen and Legija all coming from NRG, it shouldn't be too hard to get these three working well together, and nex and keev are just as experienced, which bodes just as well. Is this a promising new team?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: BIG

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