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Baldur's Gate III

New Baldur's Gate III details to be revealed this weekend

Are you looking to learn more about Larian Studios' upcoming RPG Baldur's Gate III? You'll be able to later this week.

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Fans of isometric RPGs gather round, we're about to learn more about the third entry in the Baldur's Gate series, and, as most of you know by now, the development torch has been passed to Divinity: Original Sin II studio Larian Studios this time around.

The new information is set to be revealed throughout the month of June but the June announcement debut will be held on June 6, as part of the Guerrilla Collective Showcase, which will be streamed live on Twitch from June 6 until June 8. The showcase will be hosted by a vast variety of publishers and studios and you can check out the full lineup here.

Baldur's Gate III

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