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New Hope County website encourages tourism in Montana

The site is aware that Far Cry 5 and New Dawn's setting is fictional, but they're capitalising on it to encourage travelers to visit

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Hope County is a place we've seen in not only Far Cry 5 last year, but also the upcoming Far Cry: New Dawn. The fictional location in the state of Montana is rather beautiful if you ignore the violent thugs, hostile wildlife, and ruined buildings in the case of New Dawn, and that might be why it's been picked up by a tourist board in Montana, as reported by PCGamesN.

The Visit Hope County website is the result of an official partnership with developer Ubisoft, and before you ask, yes the website is aware of Hope County being fictional.

""Hope County" may be fictitious, but the mountains, rivers and wildlife that inspired Far Cry 5 are very real and based on the landscape of Southwest Montana," the website says. "Dig deeper into the visually stunning scenery that backdrops the game, and plan your own Montana adventure in the "Last Best Place." Open trails and big skies await you in this magnificent region of the western United States. Welcome to Hope County!"

This is similar to when West Virginia's Tourism Office partnered with Fallout 76 last year, and on the Hope County website you can find activities, lodging, and resources to enjoy in the state of Montana. Even these are all themed around what you might see in the game too, from fishing to ATVs.

For more on New Dawn specifically you can check out our most recent hands-on preview, and you can see what Hope County looks like in both games via a few trailers down below.

Would you visit Montana, based on what you've seen of Hope County?

Far Cry: New Dawn

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