New Nintendo Switch update adds an online hub and much more

Update 11.0.0 is out new and is available to all users.

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Nintendo has closed out the year with one last major update for the Nintendo Switch. Update 11.0.0 is out now, and it adds a Nintendo Switch Online hub, the ability to transfer screenshots and videos to your smartphone and much much more.

Perhaps the largest addition here is the Nintendo Switch online hub, which appears as its own standalone button on the bar underneath your apps. This essentially compiles together information on everything that the online service has to offer. Here you can simple access your cloud saves and find offers that are exclusive to members. Something we appreciated is that there is a timeline that details the release dates of all the available NES and SNES titles.

Alongside this, a new 'Trending With Friends' tab has been added to your user page and this allows you to see what friends are playing without having to delve deep through their play activity.

12 new user icons have now also been added, and these are in celebration of some of Mario's most classic adventures. The new icons are from all eras of his platforming adventures with two of our personal favourites being from Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy.

What is your favourite feature from the new update?

New Nintendo Switch update adds an online hub and much more

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