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New tracks added to NBA 2K20 in new soundtrack update

Rapper Travis Scott is among the artists added to the NBA 2K20 soundtrack via a new update.

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2K has released the third update for NBA 2K20's soundtrack by inserting 24 new songs by known and emerging artists. This third update includes a mix of new tracks of artists that fans already know and love, and songs by emerging and frontline artists. Additionally, UnitedMasters artists have been selected for a collaboration between the 2K Music team and UnitedMasters.

The new songs include well-known and emerging artists from the contemporary hip hop, R&B and pop scene:

NBA 2K20

  • Travis Scott: "Highest in the Room"

  • Roddy Ricch: "Start Wit Me feat. Gunna"

  • Schoolboy Q: "5200"

  • Trippie Redd: "Uka Uka"

  • Lil Baby: "Woah"

  • pineappleCITI: "Recognize"

  • Warm Brew: "Fame"

  • Gavin Haley: "Long Game"

  • NGHTMRE & Gunna: "CASH COW"

  • Kaleb Mitchell: "Get It"

  • The Aces: "Strong Enough"

  • Shepherd: "Gametime"

  • Kofi: "Hold Me Down feat. Tre Wes"

  • Erick Lottary: "Ball is Life"

  • The Future Kingz: "3 Vets"

  • Armani White: "2maro"

  • Rae Khalil: "Maria"

  • jusLo: "Wristwatch"

  • Ill Nicky: "FourThirty"

  • Stizzy Stackz: "Road 2 Riches"

  • Puku: "Move Right Past"

  • Peezy International: "Assist"

  • $wave: "Woah"

  • Curtis Roach: "WJIT"

You can find an updated playlist on Spotify with all these new songs here.

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