Among Us

New wave of bans in Among Us, InnerSloth asks cheaters to stop

The studio is taking a firm stance and will be looking to punish those who cheat.

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If there's one game, along with Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, that is enjoying great success in the gamer community, that is Among Us. InnerSloth's party game had already been released in 2018, but apparently, it's experiencing a second wind only recently, after being rediscovered a bit by chance this summer by players.

With the increase in terms of users, the workload for developers has obviously also increased, who are now also facing a series of cheaters, inevitable party poopers in this kind of game. And it looks like InnerSloth has been using a firm fist, as a robust wave of bans has landed against unfair players.

And there was an invitation from the team, who asked the players to stop it since they are a very small workgroup and being able to keep Among Us under control becomes very tiring for them.

Are you playing Among Us? Have you run into any cheaters?

Among Us

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