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New Pokémon SnapScore

New Pokémon Snap

Nintendo Switch

New Pokémon Snap offers a delightful, cheerful, and relaxing photo safari where the wholesome fun outweighs the technical limitations.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Bravely Default IIScore

Bravely Default II

Nintendo Switch

It may not be the same instant classic as its predecessor, but despite its minor issues, Bravely Default II's style, music and combat system will keep both newcomers and veterans entertained.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Sakura WarsScore

Sakura Wars


"The story and setting sound a little weird, but it doesn't take long before it all starts growing on you".

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Doraemon Story of SeasonsScore

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Nintendo Switch / PC

"Doraemon Story of Seasons might not be the game generating the most buzz this season, but it's certainly a nice entry for Doraemon in the Western video game market."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge


Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4

"Oninaki could have been a great JRPG, but a poor script and dull characters make the whole thing a monotonous and repetitive affair."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
X-Men: Dark PhoenixScore

X-Men: Dark Phoenix


After nineteen long years, 20th Century Fox says farewell to the mutants by giving us a film about one of the strongest mutants in X-Men history - Dark Phoenix.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge



DC has already brought their most well-known superheroes to the silver screen, but all the same, it is Shazam who gives us new hope for the DC universe.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Manticore - Galaxy on FireScore

Manticore - Galaxy on Fire

Nintendo Switch

"Dogfights in space should be fun, but this game is unable to offer any valid entertainment thanks to its lack of soul, depth, and variation."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge


Linux / Mac / PC / PS Vita / PS4

"Both the graphical style and the main character are easy to appreciate, and the game mechanics offer some healthy brain teasers and challenges."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Valkyria RevolutionScore

Valkyria Revolution

PS Vita / PS4 / Xbox One

"Innovation needs to be well done and result in a quality product, preferably one that surpasses its predecessors."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
Shovel KnightScore

Shovel Knight


"In spite of being frustratingly difficult this is one of the most entertaining platformers I've played in a long time."

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
The Evil Within

The Evil Within

PC / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

We travelled to Tokyo to find out more about Shinji Mikami's return to survival horror.

Text: Ingar Takanobu Hauge
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