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Kitase-san would like to remake Final Fantasy V next

Kitase-san would like to remake Final Fantasy V next

iOS / PC / PS1 / PS3 / PSN / Super NES / Wii

The Japanese producer explains the reasoning behind the choice only after warning it's his "purely personal opinion".

Text: David Caballero & Juan A. Fonseca

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Do Not Feed the MonkeysScore

Do Not Feed the Monkeys


"Even though it might be short and leave you wanting more, it's really replayable and always has something hidden up its sleeve to keep you digging."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
Super Mario PartyScore

Super Mario Party

Nintendo Switch

"It's a lot of fun to play with friends, and it'll even make big kids laugh until it hurts."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca and Sam Bishop
The Heroes of Dragon Quest XI

The Heroes of Dragon Quest XI

Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4

Here's an introduction to the cast, with exclusive pictures and descriptions by Yuji Horii himself.

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
Octopath TravelerScore

Octopath Traveler

Nintendo Switch

"There are some elements on display here that, at times, made us think that the baton had truly been passed on by the genre greats."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
Splatoon 2 - Octo ExpansionScore

Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion

Nintendo Switch

"Each mission with Agent 8 is better than any solo Splatoon content we've seen before, not only in terms of design and creativity but also in terms of difficulty."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
Monster Hunter StoriesScore

Monster Hunter Stories

Nintendo 3DS

"Monster Hunter Stories is a rather lightweight adventure, but it's loaded with content and fully stocked with solid mechanics."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
The Sexy BrutaleScore

The Sexy Brutale

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Its shortcomings are just minor annoyances in a game that will immerse you completely in its fiction."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
Pokémon Sun/MoonScore

Pokémon Sun/Moon

Nintendo 3DS

"Be it the story, visual style, setting, creatures, combat, or even the fan service, this game delves deeper into the RPG genre and it's better for the shift."

Text: Juan A. Fonseca
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