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Kalle Max Hofmann

All texts by Kalle Max Hofmann

Iron Man VRScore

Iron Man VR


"With the right amount of practice, amazing manoeuvres can be performed combining various primary and secondary weapons with powerful ramming attacks."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Phantom: Covert OpsScore

Phantom: Covert Ops

Oculus Quest / Oculus Rift

"In spite of its somewhat absurd premise, Phantom: Covert Ops offers a nice overall package that convinces from an audio-visual perspective."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann

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Oculus Rift

"Experiencing the world of Stormland with a friend dials the awesomeness up to 11."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Island Time VRScore

Island Time VR

PC / PS4

"To progress the experience you have to combine items cleverly with one another."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Star Trek: Bridge CrewScore

Star Trek: Bridge Crew


"On the one hand, there's the feeling that this is a dream come true, on the other hand, the dream is short-lived and limited."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
VR InvadersScore

VR Invaders


"Leaderboards, survival, and even a horde mode offers quite a bit of content, but ultimately it's still quite short."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Werewolves WithinScore

Werewolves Within

PC / PS4

"Perfect for those who want to dive into the lies of the dark forest with some friends."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Eagle FlightScore

Eagle Flight

PC / PS4

"The peaceful feeling of flying above Paris, along with the background music and the sounds of the many animals around you, is great."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Driveclub VRScore

Driveclub VR


"The landscapes are still beautiful, and the sense of place offered by virtual reality is hard to convey with words."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Project CARSScore

Project CARS

PC / PS4 / Wii U / Xbox One

"Project CARS easily roars into the racing genre's Hall of Fame."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
Earth Defense Force 2025Score

Earth Defense Force 2025

PS3 / Xbox 360

"Even though one may not believe it at first glance, the game is extremely rich on content and offers a lot of depth to experts."

Text: Kalle Max Hofmann
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