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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3DScore

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Nintendo 3DS

"Simply put, it's fun to play football in 3D, and if you need a footie game in your pocket you won't find a better title than Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D."

Text: Kristian Nymoen (Gamereactor Norway)
Killzone 3Score

Killzone 3


"The quality is solid all the way through. Killzone 3 may not introduce many innovations, but it delivers a spectacular shooter experience."

Text: Kristian Nymoen (Gamereactor Norway)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011Score

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

PC / PS2 / PS3 / PSP / Wii / Xbox 360

Kristian has been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 until his fingers were bleeding. Can Konami compete with EA Sports?

Text: Kristian Nymoen (Gamereactor Norway)

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