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Oliver Thulin

All texts by Oliver Thulin

Battle BayScore

Battle Bay

Android / iOS

"Simply put, this is middle of the road stuff."

Text: Oliver Thulin
Weeping DollScore

Weeping Doll


"It's comparable to Gone Home, though without any of the interesting narrative elements."

Text: Oliver Thulin

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Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Guide

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Guide

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Nine handy tips to get you up to speed on the field of battle.

Text: Oliver Thulin
Eve: Valkyrie (PSVR)Score

Eve: Valkyrie (PSVR)

PC / PS4

"In the end it's a competent action-focused flight sim that unfortunately is held back by a couple of negatives."

Text: Oliver Thulin
Battlefield 1Score

Battlefield 1

PC / Xbox One

"You can spot elements of the best parts of almost every Battlefield title in there, and when it's at its best it feels better than ever."

Text: Oliver Thulin

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