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Next Level Racing and iRacing join forces, tease a "brand-new premium chassis"

The new cockpit, along with a co-branded product, will release in 2021. Ford teases "more big news".

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Australian sim-racing manufacturer Next Level Racing and the simulator software experts at iRacing just announced a global partnership that will result in the release of both licensed and completely new products.

For now, they only talk about the racing cockpit line of the manufacturer, and this year they will launch an existing, but rebranded product (the GTtrack or the GTlite perhaps?), along with "a brand-new premium simulator chassis", which of course is the more exciting news for enthusiasts.

There are no specific details on the new structure as of yet, but NLR head of brand Kam Khadem promises high by saying that "it has been designed specifically for sim racers that demand nothing but the best" and with help from the iRacing team.

Otto Szebeni, who is the marketing head at iRacing, reminds that "this is the first time we will place our brand on a piece of hardware", and the main reason, he says, is that they feel like they share the same philosophy about quality with NLR.

For more info about Next Level Racing, you can check out the recent Next Level Racing Traction Plus Review by our own Petter Hegevall and how he managed to build it into the one-of-a-kind Gamereactor Racing Rig V5.

The new premium cockpit by Next Level Racing and iRacing will be revealed in the spring "and used by esports and professional drivers globally". With Team Fordzilla, who recently partnered with NLR, digging the deal and teasing that "more big news" are coming on the matter, it seems like Ford's own sim-racing team will be involved in the spring event.


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