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Next Level Racing to release GT Seat Add-on in January

The accompanying chair will start shipping in the new year to turn existent Wheel Stands into a full racing cockpit.

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Next Level Racing made a name of themselves in the past decade by building and distributing robust wheel + pedals stands. The Australian brand offers either the stands, the seats, or the combination of both as a cockpit, but their latest stand models were lacking a proper seat. Until now. As NLR announced on their social groups today, the GT Seat Add-on is ready to ship as soon as next month (approximately), to a reseller near you.

You can take a look at the new, fancier PU Leather and suede finish below. The new seat is compatible with the current Wheel Stand 2.0 and with Wheel Stand DD (the sturdier model for direct drive engines). It also can be placed on Motion Platform V3 or Traction Plus Platform, for those who can afford motion-powered simracing. Besides, it supports handbrake, includes shifter mount, and admits wheels and pedals by manufacturers such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster, or Logitech.

The seat replaces the 'old' GT Ultimate Seat Add-on, which still remains as an accessory to the original Wheel Stand. Official pricing and more details should arrive with an expanded press release.

Next Level Racing to release GT Seat Add-on in January

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