The Ascent

Next-gen sci-fi RPG The Ascent gets new details

Neon Giant's upcoming action-RPG The Ascent has been a mysterious project but now, new details have been shared.

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When Microsoft revealed a couple of the games coming for Xbox Series X earlier this month, Neon Giant's The Ascent was one of the main draws. It's a sci-fi RPG in the vein of Diablo for up to four people (when playing co-op, all characters are visible in cutscenes) living in a vertical megacity, and now some new details about it have surfaced.

Amongst other things, it seems like smoke will actually be a factor to pay attention to in the game. This is because guns fired produces smoke, and too much of this can fill entire rooms. The developers are also really proud of the smoke that is very pronounced in a way that it will look extra spectacular with rays of light.

The developers also claim the game has no loading times what so ever, and neither does it have any randomly generated levels. The Ascent launches with Xbox Series X later this year, and will also be available for PC and Xbox One.

The Ascent

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