NGE setting up a winter Overwatch tournament

It will be North American only.

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Next Generation Esports, producers of the Rocket League Championship Series, are hosting a new Overwatch tournament in partnership with Blizzard, where $100,000 US dollars will be up for grabs.

The tournament will be called the Overwatch Winter Premiere tournament and all North American teams can compete for online qualifiers, beginning next month. Eight teams will then progress to a double round robin group stage, and there will be a live event at NGE's studios in California too.

"Blizzard has been extremely selective about third parties representing Overwatch esports," Marc Koenig, NGE's Marketing Director, commented. "By supporting the Winter Premiere as a top-tier, official Overwatch event with generous prizing, Blizzard has show their commitment to providing high quality third-party esports events that push the Overwatch scene forward with a greater variety of shows and formats."

The tournament is the final "completely open, official, top-tier event of 2016 for North American Overwatch players," he continued. "It's a chance for top players to prove themselves at a unique time in the game's life, right before a new year of competition."

Koenig also said that NGE wanted to celebrate regional talent, and that's why it is isolated to North America, so any teams can compete and have a chance. Open qualifiers begin on December 10. Does this sound like a good tournament to you?


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