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Niantic is busy "testing" a handy new Pokémon Go feature

This feature will enable players to see what monsters might hatch from their eggs.

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Niantic recently revealed on Twitter that it has started testing a handy new feature for Pokémon Go. This new feature will enable users to see what potential Pokémon their eggs could hatch into, and it will display their rarity levels. Niantic did note, however, that shiny odds will still be left up to chance, as it will not display whether the creature will be shiny.

Posting on Twitter, Niantic said: "Trainers, we're excited to share that we're starting testing where a limited number of Trainers will be able to see which Pokémon may hatch from Eggs in their Inventory!"

We can see this being a handy feature indeed, especially for those who are farming for candies. It's also one that has been previously requested by the community. Last August, fans demanded that odds were revealed after it was discovered that hatching a Deino during the previous Dragon Week event had a less than 1% chance in the first three days.

Are you pleased to see that this change is likely coming to the mobile game?

Pokémon Go

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