Ninjala X Mario collab "possible"

GungHo CEO & president Kazuki Morishita talks all things Ninjala with Gamereactor just ahead of Season 3's release.

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Ninjala took the Nintendo Switch by storm this summer, as the F2P CQC game by GungHo Online Entertainment registered more than 4 million downloads in that period.

Now the colourful combat title is about to receive its third season of content, and it was the best possible moment to discuss Ninjala and all things GungHo with its CEO and president Kazuki Morishita:

In this Gamereactor interview, the Japanese exec talks about Ninjala's success, its eSports appeal, its video-based story episodes, and its gameplay style, and in terms of the latter we wanted to ask about the somewhat controversial "Parry" mechanic to resolve direct encounters.

"People react either negative or positive, like both ways to it," admits Morishita-san, "but one of the biggest things is that this helps a lot of the really new beginner players. (...) If we added this rock-paper-scissors mechanic, even if you're new playing this game, you could actually cover that skill level. However, the really good players know how to avoid this rock-paper-scissors. Actually, the top rankers, they don't really go into this parry system. (...) However, in the future, we're thinking of how to brush it up, how to make it a better mechanic. So we hope that we'll find a good opportunity where we could have users try that out."

Ninjala recently got some fan service content in the form of Sonic-based costumes and accessories as part of an official collab with Sega, and as we talk about the relationship with Nintendo during the interview, we wondered if a Ninjala X Mario type of collab could be in the works.

"We had experience in the past with Puzzle & Dragons and Mario," the GungHo CEO said. "So there is the possibility that we can talk with Nintendo and then have this collaboration, but it's going to be a lot depending on the Nintendo side."

What do you think about Ninjala's Parry? Would you like to see Nintendo-based content (Splatoon perhaps?) in the game?

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