Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ninjas in Pyjamas narrowly defeat Astralis in DreamHack semis

NiP continues their undefeated record against the Danes this year in nailbiting game.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas are on to the finals of DreamHack Summer after taking out Astralis in a nailbiting rollercoaster of a game.

The 2-1 series came down to an insane third map of Cobblestone. Ninjas in Pyjamas started out the map aggressively, winning the pistol round and putting six rounds on the board. That made Astralis take a timeout, and after giving trading a few rounds with the Ninjas, the Danish team took back control of the game.

From a score of 8-1, Astralis built a massive comeback, taking a whopping 12 rounds in a row. With the score sitting at 8-13, NiP took a timeout. Changing their focus to the B bombsite, the Ninjas clawed their way back, taking round after round with close fights. The score came to 15-13, Astralis managed another round, but NiP came out on top in the 30th round of the game. Final score on Cobblestone, 16-14.

NiP had won the first map, Cobblestone, with a 16-12 score after a close first half where the teams looked completely even. Second map was Overpass, where Astralis with a string of strong rounds and the game ending at 16-10.

The sends Ninjas in Pyjamas to the finals, where they'll face Brazilian side Immortals. It also further extends an impressive record for the Swedish team - in every match they've played against Astralis this year, the Ninjas have won.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Adela Sznajder, DreamHack.

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