Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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Nintendo 3DS has been totally discontinued. The complete family is now part of the history of video games. We are still waiting for a statement from Nintendo, but the official website in Japan is clear about it. Not any single model is in production nowadays. This is the end for a portable console with a rough start and a spectacular recovery that lasted almost a decade. Actually, the old and blocky Nintendo 3DS will turn 10-years-old in February 2021.

A lot of Japanese outlets like Dengeki Online reported about a new message displayed on Nintendo 3DS family site. No matter if you click on New 2DS XL or 3DS, you always get a text that translates to "the production of the main body has been discontinued."

Furthermore, Gamereactor did check the official site in Western countries like Spain or the UK. The Nintendo 3DS icon was displaced to the bottom of the left column in Europe and while trying to buy from the official British store, every single option is out of stock. But there is remaining stock in a lot of retailers, in case someone is looking for a last chance to buy one.

With more than 75 million units sold, this is the last portable console ever made by a big manufacturer. The future for Nintendo is hybrid and is brilliant.

Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued

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