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Pokémon Black/White 2

Nintendo announce Pokemon

Black and White 2 coming this year.

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Nintendo has revealed that they're planning the simultaneous release of two new Pokemon titles, Black Version 2 and White Version 2, later this year. The games will ship in Japan over the summer before releasing in America and Europe in the following months.

The news came from Game Freak's Junichi Masuda (and was translated by andriasang) on Sunday morning's Pokemon Smash. The announcement also also came with a teaser site (in Japanese), though today an English language site went live as well.

This is the first time that Nintendo has announced a direct sequel for a Pokemon title. Although both games are being released on DS, Nintendo has been quick to point out compatibility with the 3DS.

According to Nintendo: "Fans can anticipate plenty of new surprises when the games launch this year".

Pokémon Black/White 2

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