Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo announces Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch

Now if only the first and second entries went hybrid too...

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There's no specific details as we were just given a brief teaser video in the style and animation that made the original Gamecube title famous. That's how Nintendo has introduced Luigi's Mansion 3 for its Switch, a few weeks after dropping a rather big clue with Castlevania's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal. It was so obvious no one saw it coming...

Luigi's Mansion 3 will release on Nintendo Switch in 2019, and now the weirdest situation is that both the first game (releasing October 19 with a new co-op mode) and its fantastic sequel will be available on the Nintendo 3DS. Will fans then get a Luigi's Mansion 1+2 HD for the Switch? Are Next Level Games developing the third game? We'll have to wait and see, but the good news, for now, is that Luigi is back to his ghostbusting (or is it dusting?) ways...

Luigi's Mansion 3

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