Nintendo asked to show eShop pre-order cancellation

There's currently no apparent way to delete a preorder and get a refund.

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Every major digital store out there allows users to cancel pre-orders for games that haven't been released yet should they change their minds, as they always have right of withdrawal, with the correspondent refund of the money. Every one but Nintendo's eShop, that is, unless we're missing an option, and in any case it should be clearer.

As a result of this the Norwegian Consumer Council is asking the company for an explanation on the matter and a way to easily cancel this type of operations since, as it is, Nintendo's system could be clearly breaching the European Union Consumer Rights Directive.

"They have to change how they do things," says Thomas Iversen of the NCC in the original article by PressFire (in Norwegian, and via GoNintendo). "They have to follow the rules and clearly show how the consumer can proceed if they want to cancel a pre-order. No matter what their policies are on pre-orders or refunds, the right of withdrawal is always applicable before the game is released."

The gaming site got a copy of the letter sent by the NCC, which contemplates whether there's the option to cancel and how it works, as it's must-have information for users. Sony's PlayStation Store, Microsoft's Xbox Store, and other similar platforms have an option, but some of them have a process trickier than Steam's simple and clear cancel button.

Have you tried to cancel a pre-order on Nintendo's eShop recently?

Nintendo asked to show eShop pre-order cancellation

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