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Nintendo has surpassed one billion dollars in revenue on mobile

Nintendo hit one billion dollars in mobile game revenue with as much as $656 million come from IntSys' successful S-RPG, according to Sensor Tower.

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Nintendo finally entered the mobile gaming space in 2016, introducing a series of social apps and games based on its worldwide-known franchises and characters. Some of them were clearly meant to be an experiment for the company to test the new ground after almost 40 years completely focused on handhelds and home consoles. Now, according to the unofficial data provided by Sensor Tower, it looks like it's paying off in the longer run, at least for some of those concepts.

According to their Store Intelligence report, which the analysts use to advertise the tool, Nintendo recently broke the billion-dollar mark in mobile gaming lifetime revenue, taking the six main Nintendo games on the market into account (and thus skipping the Miitomo social app and the Pokémon Company-owned Pokémon Go).

Fire Emblem Heroes (2017), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017), Dragalia Lost (2018), Mario Kart Tour (2019), Super Mario Run (2016), and Dr. Mario World (2019) are the studied releases, as listed in descending order of success so far. Together, they make for more than 452 million downloads.

Sensor Tower says Fire Emblem Heroes accounts for a staggering 61% of that revenue (or $656 million), with Animal Crossing going down to 12% and Dr. Mario World at the other end with less than 1% (as forecast by previous indicators). As an interesting and contrasting fact, Super Mario Run has been the most downloaded game followed by its racing take, while gacha-model-based FE Heroes is the least downloaded but the best money maker.

The study also shows Japan is the most successful market for Nintendo, followed by North America.

Regarding the foreseeable future, Mario Kart Tour is expected to keep growing in terms of downloads and revenue given its relatively recent release. Meanwhile, and with no additional mobile releases announced by Nintendo, the long-rumoured Zelda mobile title could come next.

Which Nintendo mobile game are you enjoying the most? And have you spent any money on them?

Fire Emblem Heroes

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