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Nintendo re-launches standalone Joy-Cons in America

Single L or R Joy-Cons will become (more?) available at a reduced RRP.

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Nintendo of America just announced that they'll be selling single Joy-Cons, not as a pair, at an lower price from now on. The announcement applies only to the Neon Blue (left) and Neon Red (right) controllers, at $39.99, half of the official cost of the pair.

Even though some are understanding the possibility as something brand-new, and considering that the single Joy-Con has been way more difficult to find, Nintendo has been offering this ever since the Switch launch, as specified at their official site.

Therefore, the key to this announcement might have to do with the standalone Joy-Con costing around $50 in America, which seemed steep compared to the pair. In Europe, however, single L and R controllers were usually below the 40 euro mark.

The news, however, comes when the controversy regarding Joy-Con "drifting" issues is still pretty hot, as the manufacturing defect didn't get a proper, worldwide response by the company's customer service yet.

Nintendo re-launches standalone Joy-Cons in America

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