Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo reveals Ring Fit Adventure

After a brief teaser, we get a closer look at the new concept from Nintendo, built with the Switch in mind.

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"It's an adventure game first and foremost, but you'll actually be moving your body."

This is the message we're greeted with during the trailer for the new experience called Ring Fit Adventure, which Nintendo teased earlier this month. As you saw in the teaser video, this includes the Ring-Con controller and leg strap, each of which holds a Joy-Con.

You'll use both of these to explore the world and fight enemies in the game, as the ring is electronic, sensing and reacting to movements. The Ring-Con can be calibrated to match ability as well, and you'll be using all of this to defeat an evil "body-building dragon", plunging the world into chaos.

Moving forward through the third-person game requires you to jog on the spot, pressing in with the Ring-Con to create a blast of air and jumping by aiming down as well. It's not just about running though, as you can also fly and paddleboard through the world.

Turn-based combat also makes use of a variety of different exercises, all of which use the Ring-Con in different ways. These are split into different categories depending on the parts of the body they use, and you press the Ring-Con against your abs to summon a shield when defending.

This is all talking about Adventure mode, but quick play lets you do shorter exercises too, or you can enjoy multiplayer through activities like taking turns to compete for a high score.

As for when this is available, you can get all of this in one package on October 18.

Can you see yourself using this?

Ring Fit Adventure

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