Pokémon Go

Nintendo stock rockets after Pokémon Go release

Mobile Pokémon makes shares Go from annual minimum to maximum in just two weeks.

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Nintendo's stock value has been surging during the last three business days, reaching a year on year maximum this Monday, July 11. The reason for this is the success of the new mobile game Pokémon Go, which was soft-launched last week.

Stock value in Tokyo rose 24,52% today and closed at 20.300 yen per share, over 20,000 for the first time in 2016. It just came after a lengthy fall that was at its lowest at 13.800 yen on June 24, right before the 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders where President Tatsumi Kimishima was reelected along his board of directors.

This is a new mobile-driven bubble for Nintendo after the big push enjoyed by the company last year, with the announcement of the Nintendo-DeNA agreement for five mobile games. Stock prices passed well over 20,000 yen, but plummeted after the presentation of Miitomo, the first app coming out of this collaboration.

Pokémon Go

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