Nintendo Switch surpasses Xbox One in terms of total sales

With more than 50 million shifted in only 34 months, the hybrid system keeps selling at a higher pace than PS2 and has overtaken the PS4 once again.

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This morning Nintendo released a financial report that related to last year's final quarter, revealing a 2019 Christmas campaign that was already looking bright for the Switch maker. The official report gives us several points of interest, but the first comes from regarded Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, who claims last Xmas that the worldwide total of shipped units surpassed those of the Xbox One.

Thus, with 52.48 million Nintendo Switch units shipped, the home console and handheld device has overtaken in only 34 months (it's about to turn 3) the total of systems shipped by Microsoft in 74 months (slightly more than 6 years). This worldwide milestone translates what the company had been achieving in regional territories.

Another interesting trend reflected within Ahmad's graphs is the selling pace of the consoles (what is commonly known as "how fast" each console sells). In this regard, Nintendo Switch is putting some distance between itself and the PS4, which held an almost identical curve until recently (it's even competing well against the PS2). In fact, the Switch is getting closer to matching the Wii's astonishing performance.

The release of titles such as Zelda: Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3 and, above all, Pokémon Sword and Shield, together with the new Nintendo Switch Lite, has helped bring about this new peak, no doubt along with the fact that last year was the farewell Christmas campaign for both Xbox One and PS4. Now it remains to be seen how Nintendo plans to keep the momentum during 2020, with the successors to those machines looming on the horizon.

Nintendo Switch surpasses Xbox One in terms of total sales

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